Identify. Assess. Mitigate.

At Regtank, we take a risk-based approach involving analysing all AML/CFT risks within organisation and placing priorities on higher risks.

Allow our expert team to provide you with a framework to identify, assess risks, and apply resources efficiently, aimed at ensuring the risks are mitigated effectively.

Proficiency at
Risk Management

Risk management is a continuous process. With our solutions, ongoing due diligence and monitoring is made easy. Compliance blind spots are avoided.

Responding with Agility

We ensure operating effectiveness by assessing the controls in place. We help develop controls relevant to your business model and assess risks through customization and personalization of solutions.

Reduction in Compliance Risk

Ultimately, risks are avoided or reduced through execution of the mitigation plan. Detailed documentation and reporting provides evidence, helping you stay compliant to multiple concurrent regulations at once.

Why Risk-Based Approach (RBA)?

The application of RBA is recommended by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an intergovernmental organisation developing policies to combat money laundering. The RBA is paramount for any business to target their resources effectively and apply preventive measures that are commensurate to the nature of risks to focus their efforts in the most effective way.

Best-in-Class Data Security

Data protection and security are of utmost importance to us. At Regtank, we ensure your protection as we safeguard valuable financial data and personally identifiable information with the highest levels of security and compliance.

Data Protection

As a data intermediary helping you with your compliance needs, Regtank has strong data protection controls for GDPR compliance including data loss prevention (DLP), third party risk management etc.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Regtank system is pen-tested by industry experts to ensure there’s no potential vulnerability. Regular checks are performed on security systems.

Secure Integration

Our API access allows for seamless integration and secure data processing. RESTful API uses HTTP response codes and Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. Data transfer is performed securely, encrypted and unmodified.

Managed Compliance Services

Risks are inherent to any business and may impair your ability to move forward. Let us provide you the support to manage various risks through the journey on the adoption of Regtank, so that you can focus on your business.

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