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Weekly Market Roundup

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Blockchain Powered Carbon Trading and its Impacts and Prospects

Blockchain-Powered Carbon Trading and its Repercussions

What is Blockchain-Powered Carbon Trading? Before delving into blockchain-powered carbon trading, one must first understand the mechanisms behind carbon credit. Carbon credits, also known as carbon offsets, is a tradable permit or certificate which allows the owner of the credit to emit a specified level of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. One credit can […]

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COP27: Delivering for people and the planet

COP27: Achieving Sustainbility in Crypto

What is COP27? COP27 stands for the 27th edition of the ‘Conference of the Parties’. COP is an annual summit in which international governments and industry representatives are invited to discuss pressing global issues. Ever since 154 countries signed the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) in 1992, most COP discussions have been […]

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Carbon Market

Crypto assets, an abbreviation for cryptocurrency assets, along with other associated products and services, have grown rapidly over the years. Yet, they are also becoming more challenging and increasingly intertwined with greenhouse gas emissions and pollution as an industry.  According to The White House, an estimated global electronic usage of 120 to 240 billion kilowatts […]

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ESG in the Universe of Compliance and RegTech

Many organisations and investors initially deemed the concept of Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) unnecessary because of the heavy additional costs involved. However, this stereotype was challenged when BNP Paribas reported that sustainable equity indices have outperformed standard non-sustainable benchmark stock indices. Notably, the MSCI World Socially Responsible Investing index has witnessed a 14.1% […]

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