Automate Manual Processes
Reduce operational costs and resolve inefficient manpower allocations.
Smart Risk Assessment
Single pane of streamlined control, transparent risk profile, improved risk and resource management.
Precise & Accurate
Precise fraud prevention improves customer retention as service disruptions are avoided.
Enhanced Security
Access Control Levels (ACL) allow the segregation of roles and a clear audit trail.

Process & Solutions


Digital Onboarding & Liveness Test

Instant & Seamless Onboarding Flow

Individual & Entities Screening with Ongoing Monitoring

Automatic AML/CFT Screening & Risk Scoring with Live Updates to Customer Risk Profiles

Integrated Case Management

Complete Management of Client Lifecyle

Transaction Monitoring

Real-Time Tracking of Suspicious Transactions

Regulatory Reporting

Automated Report Generation & Comprehensive Audit Trail

Comprehensive Database

Global providers of best-in-class risk data.