The ultimate compliance command centre with a streamlined set of policies and response controls, automating AML compliance processes through 2 key functionalities.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

RegTank helps you manage your KYC obligations such as risk assessment, screening, record keeping and ongoing due diligence in a single consolidated, user-friendly platform.
  • AML/CFT Screening
Information is screened against a highly comprehensive database of PEPs and sanctions provided by a global leading source of Data Intelligence.
  • Customized Risk Scoring
Risk Scoring can be customized based on businesses’ unique scoring standards with regards to screening results and basic information of users.
  • Automated Re-scoring
Re-screening is automated and the frequency of re-screening can be configured based on a user’s risk profile.

Know Your Transaction (KYT)
Monitoring Platform

RegTank offers crucial analysis to identify and report suspicious cryptocurrency transactions. Manage your risk exposure to illegal activity by utilising advanced risk algorithms with robust cryptocurrency addresses databases.
  • Wallet Screening Algorithm
Machine learning techniques are employed to alert users about high-risk wallets that are likely to require closer scrutiny.
  • Risk-Scoring and Reporting
Risk-based rules can be created to take into account a holistic view of the customer. Highly compliant reports can be produced for clients.
  • Identification of beneficiaries
The fund source and destination of the user’s wallets are tracked and profiled. Our comprehensive database helps to map the virtual counterparties in the real world.