17 November 2021 | Singapore – Regtank Technology was awarded 2nd Place at SFF Global FinTech Awards 2021 (ASEAN FinTech) presented by MAS during Singapore FinTech Festival 2021 by Ravi Menon, Managing Director of MAS

Organised by MAS in collaboration with the Singapore FinTech Association, the Award Winners were selected amongst four categories: Singapore Founder, ASEAN FinTech, Singapore Financial Institution and Global — by an international panel comprising industry experts across multiple fields. 

“Amongst the 298 applicants and tough competition, being awarded the MAS ASEAN FinTech is a tribute to Regtank’s product and solidifies our ability to contribute to the financial sector. We are grateful for the recognition. The team will continue to improve on our solution to live up to our vision of making compliance easy for our customers.” — Megan Lee, Founder & CEO, Regtank Technology Pte Ltd

With 100% positive client feedback on its user experience, Regtank Compliance Solution has benefited organisations by saving up to 50% cost and increased efficiency by saving time. We help clients reduce human error and mitigate risks through the automation and standardised system process

The MAS ASEAN Fintech Award aims to recognise FinTech initiatives that have helped create new growth opportunities, transform industry practices and promote financial inclusion amidst challenging circumstances; as economies around the world look to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Regtank aims to empower fintech companies, especially the cryptocurrency industry, to effectively manage their entire compliance program on a single platform with higher efficiency and lower costs.

At the core, Regtank’s Compliance Solution is a risk-based approach (RBA) full suite solution covering the entire process of AML compliance. Additionally, the Regtank team is working on creating a proprietary algorithm of blockchain analysis with AI/Machine Learning technologies. At length, Regtank aims to provide firms with ecosystem-wide mechanisms as a self-sustaining decentralized compliance protocol to transform the compliance landscape in the cryptocurrency industry.

About Regtank Technology Pte Ltd

Regtank is the leading provider of a one-stop software-as-a-service compliance solution, serving to revolutionize the compliance landscape. Regtank today provides risk assessment and management, screening, record keeping, ongoing due diligence, transaction monitoring, blockchain analytics, and the identification of the origin of funds. For more information, you can visit us at https://regtank.com/.

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