16 September 2022 | Singapore

Regtank’s CEO, Megan Li, has won the Director of the Year award at the Asia FinTech Awards 2022. Recognised for having a noteworthy impact on the organisation and wider FinTech ecosystem, Megan’s outstanding entrepreneurship has led to immense growth and fantastic feedback from clients.

Back for the second year, the Asia FinTech Awards have improved their category criteria, promising a better benchmark and an equal opportunity to the full spectrum of FinTech. Looking into authentic innovation and factual technological advancement, an assembled panel of individualistic experts finalised the quality scores.

“Amongst the hundreds of entries, being awarded Director of the Year is a massive achievement; both personally and professionally. I am grateful for the recognition. The Regtank team will continue to improve on our solution to live up to our vision of making compliance easily and widely adopted in the new financial paradigm.” — Megan Lee, Founder & CEO, Regtank Technology Pte Ltd

Regtank compliance system covers the entire anti-money laundering (AML) process for fiat currency transactions and cryptocurrency transactions; ensuring compliance regulations are met consistently and fraud is eliminated in the digital environment.

The Regtank team will soon launch a product featuring their proprietary algorithm of blockchain analysis with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) technologies. This will help detect AML risk relationships more accurately in on-ramp and off-ramp transactions running in real-time and applied to the entire network of most of the prominent chains.

Regtank aims to empower FinTech companies, especially the cryptocurrency industry, to effectively manage their entire compliance program on a single platform with higher efficiency and lower costs.


About Regtank

Regtank is the leading provider of a one-stop software-as-a-service compliance solution, revolutionising the compliance landscape. Adopting a risk-based approach (RBA) incorporating KYC, KYB, and KYT into a single consolidated platform, Regtank has innovated a comprehensive and advanced AML/CFT smart risk assessment engine that can automatically classify the risk of individuals tailored to the risk matrix of the clients. Regtank today provides risk assessment and management, screening, record keeping, ongoing due diligence, transaction monitoring, and blockchain analytics. For more information, you can visit us at


About Asia FinTech Awards

The Asia FinTech Awards is brought to you by FinTech Intel, the global market intelligence platform for financial services technology. Asia is home to many of the world’s premier financial services centres and a burgeoning financial technology market. These awards were developed to celebrate this incredible community, and the achievements and successes of the region’s best and brightest, from Mumbai to Tokyo. The categories are designed to cover the full spectrum of FinTech, and submissions are judged by an independent panel of experts.


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