Risk-Based Approach

At Regtank, we take a risk-based approach as an AML service provider that analyses all AML/CFT risks within an organisation and placing priorities on higher risks.

Allow our expert team to provide you with a RegTech AML framework — To identify, assess risks, and utilise resources thoroughly; ensuring the risks are fully mitigated.
Know Your Customer
Manage your KYC obligations such as KYC screening, risk assessment, record keeping and ongoing due diligence.
Intelligent Risk Engine
Allow risk scores to be calculated automatically based on your business rules and achieve compliance with agility.
360° Risk Profile
Attain a holistic view of risk profiles and gather actionable insights with both KYC and KYT.

Know Your Customer

Resolve false positives and identify key risks accurately with our streamlined workflow.

Information is screened against a comprehensive database of PEPs and sanctions from leading sources of data intelligence.

Rescreening frequency is based on the risk levels and can be configured according to your business practices.

Risk scores are automatically assigned to ensure a reduction in manpower costs and streamlined operations.

Know Your Business

Evaluate prospects before conducting any business to ensure utmost compliance by consolidating all-important entity information under one system.

Tracing system to relationally identify businesses and their ultimate beneficiary owners — resulting in less ambiguity and giving increased accuracy in profiling the risk of target businesses.

Utilize information extracted from official registration documents to identify Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) and build organisation structure charts.

Intelligent Risk Engine

Achieve compliance agilely with our patent-pending risk engine.

Multiple sources of information from global databases and derivatives are pre-built and incorporated in real-time. Information is synthesised into categories and risk levels accurately.
Flexible Risk Level Setting
Customisable settings enable the creation of an automated scoring algorithm based on your company's risk policies.
Real-Time Database
Connected to databases such as blockchains, sanctions, PEP data, adverse media screening, and regulatory enforcement.
Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory compliant risk attributes and in-built country screening against Basel AML Index, FATF and CPI.
Secure Audit Trail
Provde forensics of the system for both users and system activities for evidence and reporting.

360° Risk Profile

The combination of KYC and KYT offers a coordinated risk profile that spans across both FIAT and crypto currencies.

Identify unusual patterns by analysing transactional behaviour against customer profiles in real-time.