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Our solution empowers compliance teams for businesses of all types to better manage their compliance processes. We help to reduce cost, manage risk with flexible engagement for the industries you are in.
Virtual Assets Service Providers (VASPs)
Digital asset exchanges face numerous new market threats, compliance challenges, and regulatory hurdles. Regtank helps exchanges become compliant fast and safeguard against financial crimes.
Banking and Financial Institutions
The banking industry is fraught with potential AML/CFT risks in the midst of rapid-changing regulations and technologies. Regtank saves you time with the most up-to-date databases and automated AML screening processes.
Crowdfunding and Venture Capital
Conduct in-depth due diligence on your potential investors with Regtank’s extensive databases with over 50 million profiles and 90 million wallet addresses.
Digital Remittance Services
The growth of digital remittance services and technology has led to the emergence of new money laundering risks. Let Regtank assist you to detect criminal activities and ensure compliance of your business.
Payment Gateways
Regtank boosts prevention of sanctioned and suspicious counterparties on all fronts, letting you build stronger merchant relationships and process more payments with full peace of mind.
Professional Services
Onboard more customers with less friction while remaining compliant and competitive. Integrate Regtank with your law or corp sec platform for a solution that does a lot more than just reducing fraud rate close to 0%.

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