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Empowering the adoption of the risk-based approach with customisable risk parameters and automated workflow

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Know Your Customer
Manage your KYC obligations such as screening, risk assessment, record keeping and ongoing due diligence

Know Your Transactions
Manage your risk exposure to illegal activities, identify and report suspicious cryptocurrency transactions

Intelligent Risk Engine

Have risk scores automatically calculated according to your business rules and achieve compliance with agility.

360 Risk Profile

Attain a holistic view of risk profiles with both KYC and KYT and gain useful, actionable insights.

Know Your Customer

Regtank helps you manage your KYC obligations such as screening, risk assessment, record keeping and ongoing due diligence in a single consolidated, intuitive platform.
Resolving false positives and identifying key risks efficiently with our streamlined workflow.
Information is screened against a comprehensive database of PEPs and sanctions from leading sources of data intelligence.
Screen businesses and manage important information including the identities of UBOs and shareholders in a single consolidated page.
Re-screening frequency is based on the risk levels and can be configured according to your business rules.
Conduct due diligence and generate reports used for smooth regulatory reporting.

Know Your Transaction

Regtank offers crucial analysis to identify and report suspicious cryptocurrency transactions. Manage your risk exposure to illegal activity by utilising advanced risk algorithms with robust cryptocurrency addresses databases.
Automated screening of new and existing cryptocurrency wallets to identify and notify of any suspicious behavior on the blockchain.
Cutting-edge technologies and our partner network enables the analysis of transaction patterns and tracking more than 200 risk indicators.
Map virtual counterparties in the real world. Generate KYT reports with risk score, balance, records of criminal offences, money laundering, bribery, corruption, terrorism and sanctions.
Do it your way, connect via secured API connections or upload your customer’s wallet addresses in the portal. Our friendly team is here to support your integration needs.
Comply with the latest FATF, AML and privacy laws in various jurisdictions. Defense against money laundering risks, illegal money service businesses and avoid potential liabilities.

Intelligent Risk Engine

Achieve compliance agilely with our patent-pending risk engine. Multiple sources of information from global databases are incorporated in real-time, information is synthesized into categories and risk levels accurately. Stay compliant as our risk engine is pre-built with global and local derivatives.

Flexible Risk Level Setting

Customizable settings enable the creation of a unique scoring matrix based on your company’s risk policies

Regulatory Compliant Risk Attributes

Pre-built with Regulatory compliant risk attributes such as country screening against Basel index, FATF, corruption perception index (CPI) etc.

Real-Time Database

Connected to Real-time databases (blockchains, sanctions, PEP data, Adverse news and Regulatory enforcement)

Risk Engine Version Control

Risk engine version control with multiple versions of saved settings allows for effective audit trail and reporting

360° Risk Profile

The consolidation of KYC and KYT offers a coordinated risk profile that spans across the virtual and real-world, across time across time and multiple different transactions. Identify unusual patterns by comparing transactional behaviour with customer profiles.
Convert fragmented data into coherent actionable insights
Holistic Risk Profile overview with consolidation of KYC and KYT analysis
Monitor transactions over time and across different virtual assets

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